Friday, 16 November 2018

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Finally marketing cloud will have similar current Salesforce login page

11:19 am
Beginning January 26, 2018, the Marketing Cloud login page will look similar to the current Salesforce login page. 

The new Marketing Cloud login page will be available to all Salesforce Marketing Cloud customers. Your Marketing Cloud login credentials will stay the same and you don’t have to do anything different to take advantage of the new page. 

Unlocking your account and resetting your password is now easier with the Forgot Your Password link. You don't need to contact your Marketing Cloud administrator or Salesforce Customer Support. 

Here is a preview of the new login page: 

New Login Page Image

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Friday, 9 June 2017

Passed Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist!

11:38 pm

Recently I passed Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist.

Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud is a powerful suite of engagement tools that is becoming popular with nonprofit organizations of all sizes and missions. My preparation strategy was to download the study guide from here and understand about the exam.

If you are a salesforce partner, there are lot of study materials available for you.
If not and you don’t have any experience with Marketing Cloud, I strongly suggest you to complete the marketing cloud trailhead to understand about Marketing Cloud.

Afterwards, I have refer study notes provided by Ben Edwards to prepare the exam. Of course luckily I have the demo org to test what I have learnt from Salesforce partner community.

Yes, I strongly recommend Ben Edwards’ study guide. It's time for you to prepare this exam now!

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Salesforce Announces Service Cloud Einstein and Amazon Connect Integration

5:08 pm

SAN FRANCISCO, March 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Salesforce (CRM), the world's #1 CRM company and Intelligent Customer Success Platform, today announced that it is collaborating with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to integrate Service Cloud Einstein with Amazon Connect, its new cloud-based contact center service. Today's announcement extends the global strategic alliance between AWS and Salesforce that helps simplify and expand how customers capture, analyze and take action on data.

Service Cloud Einstein, the world's #1 intelligent customer service platform, enables companies to transform the customer experience with smart customer service conversations across every channel. By integrating Amazon Connect with Service Cloud Einstein, companies will be able to easily set up and manage a customer contact center in minutes and then fully connect it to service case histories and CRM data across sales, commerce, marketing and more. Now every service employee will get smarter and have access to the insights needed to resolve any service issue quickly and efficiently to deliver a connected, personalized customer experience.

Comments on the News

"Salesforce and AWS both believe that customer relationships are a business' most important asset," said Terry Wise, Vice President of the Worldwide Partner Ecosystem, Amazon Web Services, Inc. "Amazon Connect and Salesforce Service Cloud Einstein are a natural fit because they're both focused on helping businesses create more intelligent and personalized interactions with their customers."

"Salesforce is thrilled to extend its strategic alliance with AWS by bringing together the world's #1 intelligent customer service platform with Amazon Connect," said Ryan Aytay, EVP of Strategic Alliances, Salesforce. "Customer service is increasingly the #1 differentiator for companies. With Service Cloud Einstein and Amazon Connect, companies can create a more intelligent, connected call center complete with CRM quickly."

AWS and Salesforce Global Strategic Alliance

The companies' global strategic alliance helps simplify and expand how customers capture, analyze and take action on data with five service integrations. AWS and Salesforce are building integrations that will connect the Salesforce Platform with Amazon AppStream 2.0, AWS IoT, Amazon Redshift, Alexa and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC). Many Salesforce services, including Heroku, Marketing Cloud Social Studio, SalesforceIQ and the Salesforce IoT Cloud run on AWS infrastructure. And earlier this year, Salesforce announced it will leverage AWS public cloud infrastructure to support its growing customer base in Canada and Australia with new locally-based instances as an option for its core services, which is expected to be generally available in 2017. In addition, Amazon has chosen Salesforce as its company-wide customer platform.

Pricing and Availability

The Amazon Connect integration with Salesforce Service Cloud Einstein is expected to be generally available in the Salesforce AppExchange by mid-2017 or earlier.


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