Thursday, 8 September 2016

Salesforce buys #1 Text Messaging Apps Company HeyWire


Salesforce has signed a definitive agreement to acquire HeyWire. HeyWire, an enterprise mobile messaging company. In 2008, HeyWire launched the world’s first implementation of ‘mobile cloud messaging’. Instead of being associated with a physical mobile device, an SMS message could be associated with the identity of the individual (via the phone number), thus allowing text messages to be sent and received from any device, anywhere and at any time.


It has launched HeyWire Business Messenger, its text messaging platform for sales and customer service, on the AppExchange.

HeyWire Business Messenger, available for iOS and Android, allows sales and service people to text from their phones or tablets using their business phone numbers, take control of dialogues with customers, and retain them in activity records, as well as in HeyWire's secure cloud messaging platform, with one tap.

With Heywire Business Messenger -2-Way SMS for Field Service and Customer Management, users can do the following:

✔ Use existing business phone numbers
✔ Text to leads and contacts
✔ Auto-identify existing leads and contacts when receiving texts
✔ Retain text conversations in with one tap;
✔ Link to Salesforce1 mobile app to access and upgrade records
✔ Set personal signatures and auto-replies
✔ Lock apps with TouchID or Passcode to keep messages safe;
✔ Text from desktop, tablet, phone, or Apple Watch
✔ Authenticate using secure logins; andArchive all messages in HeyWire's secure cloud messaging platform


HeyWire also offers on the App Exchange HeyWire LiveText Agent, which enables text conversations between customers and contact center agents using existing business toll-free numbers, users can do the following:

✔ Enables landline texting to office & 800 numbers
✔ Integrate SMS texting with custom workflows with Lightning Process Builder
✔ Seamlessly adds 2-way conversational texting channel
✔ Standard SMS text messages - no customer app needed
✔ Sync & log text chat with leads, contacts, person accounts
✔ Bulk SMS text messaging campaigns & lead nurturing
✔ Initiate outbound texts, better than live chat
✔ Automate appointment reminders, notifications, interactive text response (ITR), text-to-case
✔ Omni-Channel integration for smart routing
✔ Capture data for customer feedback & analytics
✔ Support multiple, simultaneous, two way texting chat sessions
✔ Picture messaging or MMS to send/receive customer photos
✔ Complete SMS text solution, no other app or subscriptions required
✔ Business-class text platform; over 8 billion texts & counting
✔ Add a click-to-text feature to your website
✔ Compatible with Sales Cloud Console, Service Cloud & Lightning

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