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Use V2MOM to Grow Your Team


When Alex Bard sold his last startup Assistly for $80 million to Salesforce, he said a big reason he took the offer was to get a chance to work closely with Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff.Indeed, for the next five years, Bard was one of Benioff's top lieutenants, running Salesforce's Service Cloud unit, which is now its second largest business with nearly $2 billion in annual revenue.Bard left Salesforce in 2014 to join a company called Campaign Monitor, an email marketing software maker with $250 million in funding.Although Bard is no longer part of Salesforce, he says learned a lot from Benioff.

Bard shared three things that he liked so much at Salesforce, and he implemented V2MOM at his current company. So, what's V2MOM?

V2MOM stands for Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles and Measures
This is a list of management guidelines Marc invented that stands for vision, values, methods, obstacles, and measures when launching the company in 1999.

Here’s what Benioff wrote on Salesforce’s first-ever V2MOM:

What is a vision?
Your vision answers the question "What do I want?" A clear vision help you communicate why you're here and what impact you're going to have.
Your vision should be aligned with the company vision, with your manager's V2MOM, and it should be personal. It should be an honest reflection of your own vision for your own work. If you manage a team, it should be reflective of the purpose of the team and your collective impact.

What are values?
Your values answer the question "What is important to me as I pursue my vision?" Think of your values as principles and beliefs that guide the everyday decisions you'll make on priorities. Prioritize your values, get aligned with your team and your manager on these values because clarity here will help make so other decisions easier throughout the year.
What are methods? Your methods answer the question "What am I going to do?" or if you're managing a team, "What are WE going to do?" Use your methods to describe what high-level actions and steps are required to achieve the vision. Prioritize your methods so that everyone understands where you're focused.

What are obstacles?
Obstacles define the challenges, problems, and issues you need to overcome in order to complete your methods and achieve your vision. What the biggest challenge you face? What's going to make your work hard? What's going to get in your way? By honestly confronting these obstacles up front, you can plan for them. Once again, prioritize, prioritize, prioritize.

What are measures (aka metrics)?
Measures answer the question "How will I know if I am successful?" Measures specific the actual result you're aiming to achieve. It's a best practice to specify a numerical outcome and a time-frame. Prioritize your measures - most important measures first, "nice to haves" at the end.

V2MOM is not a corporate policy, and everyone should get their own V2MOM
The cool thing about a V2MOM is a fact that at first it might look like this "phoney corporate policy" but in the end it's not. It's a document that really states what you want to achieve in the coming months, why you want all that and how you want to get there.

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